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Centralized or Decentralized? The Contact Tracing Dilemma

This is a summary of the “Centralized or Decentralized? The Contact Tracing Dilemma” research paper having the following …


The Million Dollar Dissident

A talk about the Zero-Day exploit used by the NSO group on Ahmed Mansoor, its backstory, exploit and network infrastructure.

Summarizing and Analyzing the Privacy-Preserving Techniques in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and many other similar Cryptocurrencies have been in existence for over a decade, prominently focusing on decentralized, …

Designing a Secure Device-to-Device File Transfer Mechanism

Secure, reliable, and fast transfer of files across the Internet is a problem attempted to be solved through many application-layer …


Hidden Secrets of Python

Python has a large number of really cool modules that people don’t know about. These are quite helpful. People often tend to …


Ethics for Platforms

The Internet was created to be an open source to get connected to the rest of the world, to share information and bring the world …

MongoDB (NoSQL Databases)

MongoDB is on of the widely used databases. It is a semi-structured database that stores data in the form of documents (JSON like …

Content Addressed Peer-to-Peer File System for the Web with Blockchain-Based Metadata Integrity

With the exponentially scaled World Wide Web, the standard HTTP protocol has started showing its limitations. With an increased amount …


Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

An explanatory talk about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the impact of a decentralised financial system on the world economy.